Silverado Hobo Python - What do you think?

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  1. Girls, this is another one that I am thinking about purchasing - I don't know much about Silverados but thought it might be a bit too snakey? What do you all think? I'm a bit undecided...

  2. Yes I agree with you. A bit to snakey. I've seen nicer, less snakey pythons out there.
  3. Yep.:yes: Must have.
  4. beautiful!
  5. I think it is beautiful too, but if you are having second thoughts I would not buy it.
  6. Thanks Prosperity, you may be right! I am having second thoughts...but it's rather difficult to decide when you can't touch, feel, try...
  7. It´s a beautiful bag, I would buy it...! The oldest Chloe styles are the best, IMO :yes:.
  8. I think it's a bit "snakey"...
  9. I understand your problem. (I have to order everything online were I live, no high-end designer boutiques here)
    But remember you could always return it, or selling is also a option if it is not returnable.
    Wish you good luck with the decision :smile:
  10. The silverado looks great. But it's so snakey....I love python, but only in color, I can not wear the "natural" look. I know I am weird
  11. I think it's pretty, but what are its dimensions?
  12. With us not being to get these pythons in oz i find myself fantasizing when watching the Discovery channel. Anytime i see snakes, crocs, pythons, im thinking
    "that critter would make a diviiiiiiiiine chloe......." yes i know, im bad

    oh yes - i like the snakey looking silverado too !!!!
  13. I am so opposite to the general opinion on here... I think snakeskin looks it's best in the natural color... I think Linday Lohan had one of the first released silverados in the nature snakeskin that I about had a heartattack over the first time I saw it. The bag you are interested in is definitely one i would love to own, but best not to get something if your heart's not in it.
  14. i remember seeing a python betty for the first time! it was on of the bag that drew me to chloe!!!