Silverado Hobo/Paddington

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  1. Hi All -

    I bought a Chloe Silverado Hobo in tan but am wondering if that bag is a little dated (or too western looking). Would I prefer a paddington (in that new green color) more? Any thoughts on the two bags? Any comparison?

    Thanks in advance!! I appreciate the feedback! I am a Chloe newbie.
  2. Hi Stephanie,
    They are two very different bags. I think it depends on your lifestyle, and what you will be using the bag for. The silverado hobo is the more casual bag in my opinion; it would look great with jeans and more casual outfits. All the room and pockets make it very practical.
    With that said, Paddies are gorgeous in their own right. If I had to choose between the two, I'm not sure which I would choose.
    It sounds like you don't love your Silverado. if that's the case, you should return her or sell her and get the bag you love.
    I don't think Silverados are dated at all. They're classic to me, as are paddies. I do think Paddies are a little trendier and more recognizable.
    That's my two cents!
  3. Thanks! I appreciate it!! I love the Chloe leather but I have had Louis for so long this is a huge (wonderful!) departure. I will look at her tomorrow and try to figure it out. I am a casual girl so the hobo might be my best bet.
  4. i have a silverado hobo and love it because it's so light and easy to carry on my shoulder. hope that helps!
  5. Thanks... it does!! Decisions! Decisions!
  6. I have the silverado hobo in chocolate and typically use it on weekends when I'm dressed in jeans and my cowboy boots. It's light and goes over my shoulder but my one complaint is that it is susceptible to water stains.
  7. I like both bags. I had a whiskey paddy, and I wore it with both jeans and tees, as well as business/professional outfits. The silverado is a bit more casual, which, if you're constantly in jeans and tees (like me!), would go well with your style :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone... I still am so undecided.
  9. perhaps...eventually you will just need both styles! :graucho: not to tempt u or confuse u further, but the styles are so different and each one is so lovely! I personally love both! I don't have a silverado hobo but would love to own one....and I have a mousse front pocket paddington which I am in love with!~:tender:
  10. I think you are right... I need both!! Just the answer I needed!! Thanks!
  11. haha, this is the worst place to get rational advice! I love it!!
    Every "Which should I choose..." thread ends with a decision to get both;)
    Great advice just not economically friendly :P
  12. Okay...kept the Silverado Hobo since it won't be around much longer and I do love it!! Thanks for the tips and advice!