Silverado Hobo in Olive?

  1. Okay, I was so excited to snag a deal on the BG website that I didn't realize I was buying the Silverado in Olive, I thought it was tan like the picture shows. What do you guys think about the olive color? I don't really have much in olive other than one business suit. Should I cancel or keep?

    Here's the link....I wish they showed it in the actual color. Does anyone own one that could post a picture?


    Thanks!Bergdorf Goodman  - Silverado Hobo, Medium
  2. According to NAP Notes, olive is one of the colours for A/W.

    I think it would be great worn with grey, brown, or black; so I'd keep it, personally. :yes:
  3. I would keep it as well. It is a HOT color for this season and goes with just about anything. Plus it is practical in that it won't show smudges and dirt.

    They have also discontinued this style, so if you love the style (which I do, as I have the chocloate), I'd give it a serious chance! :yes:

    Great Price too! :jammin:
  4. I actually grabbed the one in the chamois color shown. I had planned it as a gift for my mom but now that I have it in hand, it's just not her.

    I'll be sending mine back and will be happy to let you all know when so someone else can grab it.