Silverado from Nordstrom

  1. I must confess, I was the tPFer that purchased the Python Silverado this past Saturday from Nordstrom Towson Town Center.

    Meet my new love - Bleu Python Silverado. She is gorgeous in person. The original price was $2665 and the sale price was $1059......

    I took these pictures quickly - I sent DH to pick up some Thai food for dinner this evening.....
    purse blog 001.jpg purse blog 002.jpg
  2. Oh my.... she is goegeous!!!!! I was wondering who bought her, congrats! Can't wait to see those modeling pics.

    Thai food is my absolute favorite!!!!
  3. You are sooo lucky...congrats she is gorgoues!
  4. Very beautiful! I must ask - what is the color? "Bleu" is blue - right? The picture shows it as a brown. Either way they are both incredible. Congrats! It must be so exciting!!!
  5. The color on the tag says "Bleu" and the bag is blue leather and python. It reminds of the color of jeans - sort of a denim blue.
  6. ^OOOOooooh- that sounds really fabulous! Perfect for a lot of different outfits! Mine is a silver python that has a purplish cast to it. I love how Chloe colors are always so original.
  7. Oh wow, what a great color combination for a great bag. I am on the lookout for a solid red or grenat Silverado, but the more phythons I see, the more I like them. CONGRATUATIONS!!! She is beautiful.
  8. Wow!!
  9. Very nice! :nuts:
  10. Wow! What a great price!!!

    Congrats and enjoy!!!:wlae:
  11. Modeling pics please! I think the Silverado is such a stunner :nuts:
  12. Oooh, what a gorgeous bag. I am really wishing that I had bought a Silverado instead of the Molly. And yes, lets see some pictures of you carrying her!
  13. That is gorgeous. You got a great price for it too. Congrats!
  14. Wow! What a great price! :yahoo:
    Love your new Silverado!:love:
  15. Yes modeling pics please, we need detailed shots so we can see that fabulous blue color!!!!!!!