Silverado for the Fall?

  1. Are the Silverado's "in" for the fall? I just purchased a chocolate one, and I was going to save it for fall? What do you think?
  2. I bought a Silverado tote in olive a month ago and I wear it all the time. By Balenciagas have taken a back seat to this bag. I love it.
  3. I think the Silverado is a classic and will always be in style!
  4. I think Silverados are always in style - don't save it. Use it now!!!!
  5. Just got a Silverado tote in Olive (like Irishgal;) )a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! You can definitely carry your choco all year round:yes:
  6. I got my black Silverado last summer and I love it to death ! :smile:
    I got it in France for 850 euro and now it is on NAP for over 800 brittish POUNDS! so it has become more expensive since last year. An investment!
  7. Don't worry about what is "in" or not. If you like a particular bag you should wear it and enjoy it. Designer bags are too expensive to not wear because someone has deemed them out of style.
  8. Just use the bag because you love it. I have a chocolate Paddy, but don't use it in the summer, to me the chocolate is for winter and fall. But that's just me, if you want to use your brown Silverado, you go girl! I love the silverado and use mine all year round :yes:

  9. Silverados are too cute to put away! I would carry it anytime!
  10. i think you can wear silverado basically all year around~~!!!!
  11. ohh.. I want silverado so bad...
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  13. Like the bracelet bags, clutches and now, Paddies; Silverados have become a signature style at Chloe and therefore are not really 'in', or 'out', IMO.

    Besides, even though I'm sure we all enjoy fashion here, aren't a lot of us a bit 'over' being dictated to about what is 'in', anyway? Especially since what is deemed to be 'in' often seems to no longer run fairly smoothly and logically, from season to season (with the occasional, sudden rebellion, of course), as it seemed to in the past (say, 10+ years ago); but jumps madly from era to era and look to look, in a completely transparent attempt to separate us from even more of our money?!

    What is 'in' this season will be deemed 'out' next and then deemed 'in' again the following season; proving that it should never have been deemed 'out' that quickly, in the first place!

    Is it just me who feels as though the 'natural' flow of fashion seems, all too often, to be blatantly ignored in favour of profit?

    Surely fashion should be a democracy and consist of what the majority of people in the world want to wear? Not merely the cynical decree of a few money mad dictators! :rant:

    Rise up, my sisters! It's time for the Fashion Revolution!

    Oh dear, I may have got a bit carried away, but I'm sure you KWIM! :shame: :lol:

    What was the question, again? Oh yes.....the Silverado.....I say, carry it and enjoy! ;) :biggrin:
  14. I see Silverado as classic. Ever since I got my python one I haven't changed bags I love it so much.