Silver zippers?

  1. I have recently been informed that Paddingtons should have silver zipper for top closure. Does anyone know why? Doesn't make sense when rest of hardware is brass.:shrugs:
  2. Yes its right, they should def be silver. It could be because the hardware is only coated in the brass colour, its actaully silver underneath, and as the zipper gets alot ofwear the silver would show in no time?? Not sure if this is why but as I say zip should def be silver.
  3. I don't know that we'd ever find out the reason why!

    As Cat says, it's probably because zippers are high-trauma areas - they get a lot of wear, especially lots of tugging, scraping and, well, zippering LOL

    The brass coating wouldn't stand a chance on a zipper.

    Paddingtons have only ever had silver zippers.