silver zipper on gold or brasshardware

  1. does it bother you to have a silver zipper on a gold hardware? i want to buy a black padington w/ gold hardware but i get turned off w/ the silver zipper.
  2. You won't notice after a bit. Yes, it bugged me once someone pointed it out. (before I bought one). I'm sort of AR, but I got over it quick enough. I love the paddies.

    I am really wanting one with silver hardware though. I seem to prefer it over the gold/brass.
  3. It does seem to clash a bit with the rest of the hardware, but after you get your bag you'll be so happy with it you'll forget about the zipper. I would rather have this silver zipper than a screaming gold one on my bags.
  4. I didnt like it at first, either, but soon forgot... I wouldnt like a gold zipper, either... The bag is so beautiful that everything looks alright...