Silver wedge CLs

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm bridesmaid at a wedding in December and need some silver shoes for it. The bride just found out that the venue make you put those plastic tips on stiletto type heels to protect their floors (annoying!), so I'm trying to find a wedge shoe.

    Can anyone recommend any CL wedge styles that come in silver? I don't mind closed or open toe.

  2. Cotton Clubs are absolutely TDF, and they're available through The Outnet:

    They only have them in 36, 39, and 40, and even on The Outnet, they're like $970... not sure if that's within your size range or budget, but if money were no object that's absolutely what I'd go for. HTH
  3. Wow. ShoeNoob & Blueberry, you ladies were on a roll with the suggestions this morning :smile: Of course my first thought was the Miss Boxe's. I know, perhaps to mundane for a wedding but since I live on the east coast, I immediately thought of cold weather in December :blush: However, the OP didn't indicate the state or country the December wedding will be in.
  4. I agree that the Mininette is a wonderful choice. Classic and super comfortable.
  5. Thanks so much everyone for your help!

    Shoenoob - truly gorgeous shoes. I want!

    The others are great suggestions too. I'm in London (the wedding is north England so it will probably be cold, and we'll be inside all day) and usually wear a UK size 7, which usually translates to a 40.5 in designer shoes, but I find that a little tight in CL (apart from Pigalle or Armadillo, for some reason) so tend to go for a 41, and even have a pair that are 41.5.

    Let me know if there are any other suggestions! But I'm in serious love with the Cotton Clubs!

    Blueberry - thanks for all the suggestions, and your help on my authentication post - much appreciated. I'm such a newbie, I'm hopeless on fake spotting!
  6. heyyyy another londoner!! we'll help you find the right shoes

  7. You are welcome!

    I hope you´ll find the right shoes!
  8. Hey Sara!

    Nice to 'meet' you! I still have six months so hopefully I'll find some that aren't to costly!