Silver wallet/ black bag

  1. I was lookin for a new wallet...and came across one that I totally fell for. It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs one w/ quilted stars. They had both black and silver...but was drawn to the silver.

    I recently posted my new black Cole Haan bag...and I think it matches well? Gives it some more personality. What do you think?


    p.s. Oh, and another quick question. I have a friend says your SHOES have to match your PURSE (black purse, black shoes). He gives me crap for wearing my LV monogram speedy w/ black peep-toe flats. I think that's not true. So the question for you all -- do the shoes need to match the purse?
  2. i think it looks good. i have that wallet in blue

  3. Love both the bag AND the wallet!!! I love the quilted stars on the much personality!!!:p
  4. what a cute wallet!!! I love the stars - and in both the silver and blue!! congrats you guys!
  5. Shoes are supposed to match bag...but that rule is as old as no white after labor day.

    I think black shoes go with just about everything.
  6. The wallet is so cute!
  7. Thanks for the replies girls. :smile: I haven't seen the blue one's cute too! :heart: