Silver Vernis and Wallet Odd

  1. Hi Ya'll. Not sure why I think this is soooo weird, but I saw this very same combo sell several weeks ago, and not sure why it's showing back up again.

    Strange to me. Not sure if I should be posting this, but am anyway, just cause I thought the buyer got a fabulous deal. And, watched the person buy it. I just think it's really weird that it's relisted.

    eBay: Louis Vuitton Monogram VERNIS HANDBAG AND WALLET (item 140050924394 end time Nov-15-06 16:35:28 PST)
  2. He sold the same thing on October 25th - it went for $500.00. Something's not right.
  3. maybe the person who won it returned it or decided not to go through with it?
  4. Or maybe didn't pay?:shrugs:
  5. Thanks Charleston Mom, I agree it's weird. Very. I thought it was a fabulous deal and was wondering where it came from since he didn't know to call it a Spring Street, but called it a Mott.... hmmmmm..... very intttteerrrreesssssttiinnnkkkk...
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