Silver Suhali Lockit?

  1. I have been reading several threads and came across the info of a silver lockit. Does anyone have any information on this - when it will be released or any pictures? TIA:smile:/
  2. it's comming in november click the word timeline in my sig there are pics there
  3. Wow, the silver looks stunning..
  4. Thank you Label Addict!

    Loved both the metellic colors. There seems to be the blue as well - wow, i'm really loving the lockits.
  5. Is the new silver/gold leather the same as the first time suhali silver/gold?
  6. I think so
  7. thanks for info!
  8. I love it!!!! Too bad I'm broke!!
  9. I want a gold one!
  10. I actually waitlisted for the silver suhali lockit, back in July. It's such a gorgeous style bag. But then my SA called me with a silver miroir, so I took that one instead. Now I want this suhali lockit in black or navy.....
  11. I am waiting on the navy colored one too.
  12. I was in the same situation too I am going to get a verone one:yes:
  13. Do you know if you have to waitlist for the silver lockit or will there be enough to go around? Anyone have an AU price?
  14. ^ I'd expect this piece to be pretty limited. I was told before that it may be limited to the larger stores only. If you want one, I suggest you wait list ASAP just in case!
  15. I love everything