Silver Stud Violet Giant City & Anthracite Golden Stud Gh City

  1. people i need your comment !!!
    i love Giant City / In golden or Silver stud is fine.
    but the problem is ... i love violet with silver stud.
    so today i went to the shop but they say out of stock.
    they ask me to get GOLDEN STUD ANTHRACITE color instead.
    they said that violet is going to out v soon.
    but you could always carry anthracite color....
    should i believe her? or continue hunting for my SILVER STUD violet?:roflmfao:
  2. Just the thought of violet with GSH is making me drool!! That bag is TDF!!!
  3. I agree, I think you should keep searching for what you really want!
  4. both are gorgeous - still trying to find my perfect violet something! Here's my Anthra:
    IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0345.jpg
  5. go w/ your gut....if the violet is what you want....stick with that one. i think it's fantastic!
  6. Wait for what you really want. I love Antrha, but if you want violet you should get it!

  7. I agree.. although Anthra GH is gorgeous I would stick to your original choice of Violet..:tup:
  8. Agreeing here too!!! I'm still scouting for a violet GSH work!!! Not giving up till I find one!
  9. I definitely think you should go for the violet... keep searching... its gorgeous and I dont think its gona be "out" very soon if ever! if the violets what you wanted from the beginning, then keep searching and good luck!
  10. thank you people
    today i saw one anthracite
    and am confuse
    how come
    one golden anthracite is look grey black
    and one of them look very blue....
  11. anthra seems to vary alot! in pics and IRL
  12. I would go with whichever bag you really want. Anthra is a beautiful color that can vary between bags and with different lighting.