Silver "stolen" SATC Manolo's on Ann's Fabulous Finds

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  1. There gorgeous. Thanks for posting.
  2. :sweatdrop:

    I always think I'm going to be in trouble when a Mod answers one of my posts! :roflmfao:
  3. I have these and they are fabulous. BUT for that price, I would want a brand new pair. Those are used.
  4. AND I would want the 4 inch heel.:p
  5. Still swoony shoes. I love them :smile:
  6. They are beautiful... I keep hoping someone will throw theirs away on an eBay buy-it-now for $200 or less :p
  7. Yah!

    Remember when these were $500????
  8. what are the retail for these anyways? i saw them at Saks a few weeks ago for 645$ but dont remember the heel length.
  9. Hi guys--those shoes on Ann's are mine--and they're almost new--in fact, I may not have worn them outside the house--if so, I only did maybe once. The reason I'm selling them is they were 1/2 size too big for me, and I just loved them so much I'll confess I bought them in the correct size and paid even more. I'm kicking myself now if Saks is offering them!! I bought them from an eBay merchant for much more. Don't worry about the 3 inch heel--it's actually better--for me, 4 inch hurts too bad--and it's still sexy. Plus, they're so gorgeous, the picture just doesn't do them justice. For a Manolo, they're very comfortable--just perfect, in my opinion. It's not just that I want to sell them (I realize it may sound that way!)--I just wanted to clear up the used shoe thing. I did put those foot petals in them, but it doesn't make it any smaller, just more comfortable on the ball of the foot especially. I wear a 7 in a regular shoe, and have kind of short toes; in some Manolos I wear a 38, but in that Sedaraby style, my heels slip out. 37-1/2 is perfect. But I would have kept them if I hadn't been able to find one--they're that pretty!
    Happy shopping--wherever you find them. :smile:
  10. Sigh.. why size 38 ?! Damn my size 35 feet. :sad: