SILVER SPY - some questions from a spy novice

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  1. hi all. i am wondering if any of you have any imputs on 2 things about the silver spy:

    (1) i noticed that the silver spy has gold overwash and gold-ish handles. any of you know if the gold over-wash come off easily? i am just thinking how it will look like if this is the case in a few years time, i will have a gold-ish handle and completely silver body, and if i would like this

    (2) i also noticed that the "crackling" leather vein look are wider apart in some spies, and smaller and more tightly spaced in others. which do you think is better to obtain? the "fluffy" one with largely spaced veins happened to be more expensive by about $400... although i do not think it is priced for the vein distance or the fluffiness, just two different sellers that's all

    input please?

  2. Don't know about your first question, but I think you are referring to the "bubbliness" in the second question. I think that is a matter of personal opinion, i.e. which do you prefer better? I personally like the bigger bubbles, or farther apart look, but that's just my opinion.
  3. hi josephine, thanks for your post.

    i must say i prefer the larger "bubbles" too. but i am not sure if i am willing to pay about $300 just to have larger bubles...

    as for my other question, what i meant was whether the gold tone over the silver leather would wash off easily. if you look at the silver spy closely, it looks like it is made of silver leather and some gold wash over it. am i making any sense?