Silver Sabrina... Yes, I got it!

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  1. So I also ordered the Silver Sabrina, besides the Rosegold Sabrina. Okay, ladies this bag is truly gorgeous :drool: and I am not just saying that because I own it. I am uploading pictures right now. Just give me a few minutes.
  2. I'm here and can't wait to see it! I have the Steel and LOVE HER!
  3. :drool:
  4. AHHHHH!!!!! I can't wait to see these pics!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Okay ladies, almost done.
  6. Silver.....Sabrina.....:wtf:
  7. im here watching too :O)
  8. I didn't even know there was a Silver Sabrina! :shrugs: This I have to see!!
  9. Woohoo! I have been wanting to see pics of the silver!
  10. Here she is.

  11. :ps: Beautiful!
  12. Superstar-- is that the "goat" skin....kinda feels like suede?
    Pretty bag.

    Also, I wish, wish, wish that "Tan" had that same coloring.
    It was nowhere NEAR that nice.
  13. beautiful! Does she shimmer as much IRL as in the pic? Also it that the small or large?
  14. Wait-- that's silver? Looks like tan!
  15. It looks more camel color to me, is that just the flash?