Silver ring gets dirty too fast ... HELP ???

  1. So I have a T&Co Metropolis Ring. The darn thing gets dirty so fast ... I clean it every time before I wear it. I use Wright's Silver cream to clean it. It works great .. but the ring gets dirty after a night of wearing it. Does it get dirty so fast from the lotion I use ? Any products you suggest using ? Or should I get it cleaned by T&Co ?
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  2. why don't you try a treated polishing cloth?
  3. so do i use the cloth before and after i wear it each time ?
  4. i would do it as needed. using the polishing cloth may help it stay nice looking longer due to the polish. i use haggerty jewelry polishing cloth. this is what the packaging says: the white cloth (actually it is one cloth that you use, the two sides are different purposes) is treated with a special formula that is gentle yet thorough in cleaning and buffing away tarnish, grime, fingerprints, body oils and cosmetics from all precious metals while at the same time imparting a tarnish resistant barrier. the grey cloth is an excellent buffer to be used after cleaning with the white cloth to heighten your jewelry's luster and brilliance. this cloth i have had for more than 5 years and it still does the job.

    i always take off my rings when using lotion and try to rub it in really well before putting them back on.

    i haven't used wright's cream but i have used their silver wash and it works well to clean. i then usually use the polishing cloth to finish up.
  5. Your ring gets "dirty" after a night of wearing it because the silver is reacting to something, it could your body chemistry. The "dirty" isn't dirt, it's oxidation. I don't know for sure if the lotion is causing your ring to oxidize quickly. Does yur lotion contain sulfur? sulfur can cause silver to oxidize immediately.
  6. Do you mean "dirty" as in ...just doesn't look as shiny, or as in is turning black & tarnishing...?

    If you wear your ring a lot, it'll stop looking so shiny & settle into a softer silver/white, and acquire a really nice patina & be less likely to tarnish... '

    I have T&co bracelet... I've taken it in once & it comes back looking almost new... but I had gotten used to my patina & have decided not to get it polished again...:yes:
  7. I use the Hagerty silver foam on my Tiffany's silver whenever they seem a little dull and it works great!

    I agree with Jukenpo..for Christmas my husband took me to Tiffany's and the bracelet I was wearing seemed to look dull near the new bracelet and necklace so I brought the two necklaces and bracelets that I have in and got them cleaned and while they were really pretty and shiny, I miss the patina that they had developed.
  8. i use Kiehls lotion and sometimes use L'Occitane Hand cream ( i work on cars so my hands get pretty beat up)
  9. right around where you finger enters the ring ... is where it gets black ... that area is a pain to clean too
  10. thanks for all the help girlies ... i think im gonna try that cloth, queen suggested and if that doesnt help than ill go down the list of suggestions
  11. a jeweler once suggested toothpaste as well. I haven't personally tried it on my T&Co stuff, so it's up to you to try. I have tried it with non T&Co necklaces, etc, and it works.

    Also, T&Co cleans jewelry for free, so next time you bring it in, maybe ask them?

  12. Not always...if you're not a "preferred customer" then likely you will be charged the standard $15 for polishing sterling.

    The boutique in Wailea even has a sign up at the register now...
  13. o dang ... and i had my hopes up for a free cleaning ... 15 bucks is whatevers though =)

    toothpaste sounds like a good idea ... but im not willing to try it on my 180 dollar ring =/ ... thanks for the suggestion though =)
  14. I do know that silver can react to lotions, fragrances, and perfumes. You might want to take off your ring whenever you wash your hands, put on lotion, or spritz perfumes. I take mine off, wash and dry (really dry) my hands, put on my lotion (wipe the excess) and then put the rings back on. So far, so good.

    Good luck!
  15. toothpaste works like a charm on my tiffany's charm bracelet. go for it, if its safe for your mouth its safe on the silver. I use to clean all my LV speedy locks too. its so gold after that.