Silver Reva Owners! HELP!

  1. Silver (or other metallic colored) Reva Owners-

    Do you have any scuffing problems? I just noticed that my silver revas have a few little "scuffed" areas that look like the metallic has rubbed off - it looks dull in these areas (like the shiny coating has rubbed off)

    Has anyone else had this problem??? It doesn't look good! What should I do??? Can I color-in this area with something? How do I stop this from happening in the other areas?

    HELP! TIA!
  2. :tup:I'm actually going through the same problem as you..not sure what to do either it looks really ugly i have the gold one and its very noticeable..i'll probably just put some gold nail polish maybe that'll do it..goodluck wit yours!
  3. ^thanks, shibooms! I was actually considering getting some silver nail polish too, but I want to make sure it's an exact match.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. Bumping b/c I'm desperate for help!
  5. I'll let you know if there is scuffing....I haven't been wearing them a lot yet but I do have 2 events this week where I will be wearing them more than ever.
  6. Does anyone think a shoemaker could help? My silver revas look pretty bad from scuffs. I lived in them last summer.
  7. My gold and silver revas are in pretty bad condition due to scuffing but I still wear them. It makes them less glitzy and more everyday wear to me. LOL
  8. I think this is a problem with all metallic shoes. I have bought metallic polish (thick cream in a jar) which helps a bit