Silver reade $299 shipped at LT

  1. Someone should get the silver vernis reade from Let-Trade! I'd love to get this for myself, but I'm broke and silver isn't really my color. :graucho: ;)
  2. I'm saving for my trip!!! :hysteric: Why do all these goodies come up when I can't spend?! :cursing:
  3. Just saw that and was so tempted to hit the BIN button, but I have to save my money for my pomme de amour heart. Must stay strong :sweatdrop:
  4. yeah i just saw that too, screamed "wow" at the top of my voice so DH wouldl run in and buy me it... he ran in and said "bloody handbags" and walked back out...

    hmmm.. must try harder!
  5. I totally understand, gals. If only it were a different color, I would've hit the buy button. It has a good patina, it's clean, and it comes with all the tags and care booklet.

    But I think that's for the better. I just got my W-2 and my dad says I might owe money (because I didn't pay federal income tax each time I got my paycheck). :push: :s
  6. Gah...and I just checked my balance...ugh, I'm really broke!! :crybaby:
  7. The silver is so nice...but I want one in framboise!
  8. If it were bronze I woulda bought it by now. :smile:
  9. Thank God, someone bought it already! Hopefully a pfer! I was soooo tempted to hit BIN, even though I'm broke (such a good deal!).
  10. I hope one of you purchased it!
  11. I think we Pfers bought most of Let-Trade's inventories. :roflmfao:
  12. Someone has bought it, congrats to them :smile:
  13. i was going to buy that! i needed my check to clear first!!!!!!!!
  14. I really like it.