silver python ballerina flats

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  1. I love it too but that would be too much to pay for flats. So many designers have styles like that. I would imagine they would go on sale at some point. I guess when I buy python I want a dressier shoe. But they are pretty, no doubt about that.
  2. WOW this is a hot shoe, but you are completely right, 950$ seems a little nutty to me! I would think that eventually it will go on sale if it doesn't sell in the stores.... but don't always count on the Barneys website for info. It is notorious around these parts! (The website is linked to the NYC store inventory and so a lot of times things are sold out or orders are canceled because it isn't consistently updated!)
  3. Personnally, I think you can buy a whole lot more shoe for that sort of money but if it's what the lady wants then that's a whole different scenario. Good luck.
  4. funny you should say that, because it's not the lady that wants them, it's me! she's happy with the grey CK flats she got from macy's for $80. i'm just not crazy about them and am looking for something nicer.
  5. I suspect everyone's waiting also. Get ready to pounce once you get intelligence of a SALE! :ninja:
  6. Yes, I know the feeling. Karen seems to be happy looking for Kurt Geiger etc., and it's me that finds and buys the Louboutin and Alaia for her. I think it must be something to do with the fact she is half Scottish (no offence to any Scottish members :smile:).
  7. bogeyjay--I would absolutely wait for a sale. Between that pair of python ballerina flats and all of the Lavin ballerina flats with python trim, there are plenty to go around. I am not sure if prohibits python from going to Cali (you're in SF, right?) as the other retailers do, so what I would do is befriend a SA from the LV store (or any other out of state store) and when they go on sale, have them ship it to you. Also, a few of last season's flats went on sale, so I would not be surprised if these ended up on sale too.
  8. thanks for the advice. i doubt barney's will ship it here to SF unless the SA is not aware of the ban. i have some friends in nevada i can ship it to.
  9. I am not loving those particular shoes, but I bet they do get put on sale.
  10. I have had SAs in NYC and LV ship me python without regards to the restriction. A sale is a sale and that makes me happy because I want what I want.
  11. I tried on that style and for a flat, it is so uncomfortable. I expect my flats to be comfy!