Silver Purse Choices....Please Help!

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IF Audra Pewter Or Kooba Lucy Silver

  1. Audra Pewter

  2. Kooba Lucy Silver

  3. Keep Both!

  4. Dump Both!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Number one, do you think silver metallic is a necessary color for our wardrobe....Number two, if you had to make a choice between the two below (one is an Fiore Audra in Pewter, the second is a Kooba Lucy in Silver) which would it be...OR do you think they're different enough to justify both?:nuts:

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  2. You know, I love the silver Kooba. I had a silver Hype bag that I wore all last year and loved it. I passed it on to one of my girlfriends about 4 months ago because I got tired of it. She now is loving it until she gets tired of it. Even though I thought it was the greatest when I bought it, my love affair soon ended. So, I now love that silver Kooba, but my experience tells me that I may get tired of it in under a year.
  3. I like the shape of the Kooba more than the other bag. I do think Silver gives a special zing to your wardrobe and prefer it over other metallics.
  4. I have two siliver bags, one large and one small, and love both. It is a great color. I voted for Kooba, but both are nice.
  5. I definitely think a silver bag is a nice addition to any collection. I like the Audra better than the Kooba.
  6. I like both...but I am like a squirrel, I LOVE shiny things...silver is really pretty...I think I like the Audra just a little bit more but only because it looked more silver in the picture. But I just looked at the pictures again before hitting the post button and that Kooba is a pretty shape!