silver polisher/cleaner??

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  1. Hey guys, I have lots of silver Tiffanys jewelry that I would like to clean and polish. I'm looking for a good silver polisher/cleaner that will make them shine like brand new, and also take away any scratches. Do you guys have any recommendations??

    P.S. would silver polisher/cleaner work the same on titanium (a ring for my bf) also??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Try Hagerty. Read the labels. Some Hagerty polishers/cleaners can be used with all metals.
  3. I'm in Aus, so I can't help with brands, but be wary of putting silver jewellery in cleaners marked gold- it could have the opposite effect! As far as taking away scratches is concerned, a polishing cloth can't do too much, it's only a surface fix. To get scratches out, I'd get it a professional polish done by a jeweller.
  4. MAAS polish. You can get it at Wal-Mart or any other retailer. It's the best. It actually coats the metal with a protective lacquer, so it tarnishes less. You first polish it, and then buff to a shine (like a mirror!) and then wash with soap and water. This is the only thing I use on all of my Tiffany jewelry. Not sure about the titanium though.
  5. Your best bet is taking your Tiffany's jewelry back to the store. Any Customer Sevice department at any Tiffany's will clean your jewelry. Depending on the store there might be a wait. They do a really good job, they'll look like new. And after that you can use a good silver cleaner every now and then. (Tiffany's also has a bunch of cleaning products you can purchase from them too, I think they're around $5-$10).
  6. Oooh good to know! Thank you!