silver plate

  1. okay, this woman was talking to me about my first and telling me how she has a city, but she doesnt like it because the silver plate is on the outside. i didnt think balenciaga ever put the plate on the outside.... can someone please tell me bal ever did this or if hers was just fake? thanks
  2. I don't know of a silver plate that's been put on a city bag, especially in the past few years. Perhaps one of the experts on the older bags can enlighten us if there ever was an "outside plate."
  3. The only place I've ever seen an outside plate on a Black City is on Canal Street in Chinatown and they were obviously fake.
  4. Ditto. It's fake.
  5. I recently saw a fake Balenciaga on an auction site and it had Balenciaga stamped on the front of the bag so I would probably guess that woman's is a fake, too.
  6. sounds fake indeed. maybe you can find more info in the reference forum?
  7. thanks everyone. thats what i was thinking, but she kepy insisting that balenciaga did it with their "older" bags.
  8. the linea metallica line has a small outside plate that says balenciaga paris, right? can't quite remember
  9. im pretty sure the motocycle line doesnt have any kind of tag attatch to the outside of the bag