Silver place settings

  1. Hi ladies! :wlae:

    Do any of you have solid silver dining utensils? Or did any of you register for them at your wedding?

    My mom bemoans the fact that our family doesn't have a set to pass onto me. After all, its one of the first things we associate with the hierlooms. It seems like real silver has fallen by the wayside but I'm wondering how many of you are bringing the tradition back, or keeping it alive.
  2. We did not register nor did we buy them.
    I registered for and received a beautiful stainless set and china, and crystal . . . but no silver place settings.
  3. Reminds me of my mother-in-law who wondered why we hadn't registered for sterling flatware? So...I went back to register for an heirloom pattern, Damask Rose by Oneida and guess what? We only received a couple of place setting from guess who? My mother-in-law! :lol:
  4. My mom has a set. They came out only on special occasions.

    I never really thought about getting a set. Stainless has always been just fine for me.
  5. My family has a set of silverware.. my great-great grandmother from Italy had bought it and it goes down every generation so one day I will get it. But, we only use it on special occasions like Christmas or Easter because it is a pain to wash so many by hand after feeding a large family! I think its a good idea and I like to have a piece of family history with me when I'm eating my meal!
  6. My future MIL has two complete sets (both family heirlooms), and I will receive both from her once I get married. So I won't need to register for any.
  7. My husband's family bequeathed their monogrammed silver to us on our wedding day, but because I lived on my own prior to being married I had my own place settings in stainless steel and silverware. As it stands, we only really use the silver when we're hosting a dinner, since washing all that flatware can be a little wearying!
  8. I have some serving pieces from my grandmother, but I never use them (they're a lot of work to keep clean & polished, etc.)

    I didn't bother registering for SS place settings for the same reason...too much work.
  9. My parents have an entire set of sterling Cristofle silverware. All I can say is that it's a royal pain in the ass. Whenever my mom has "company" over, we literally spend a day polishing the silverware. It's to be passed on to me and I'm sure I'll love it.... I am already dreading the polishing.
  10. We registered for stainless steel b/c I had no interest in polishing silver. I just received my grandmothers silver and although it is lovely-I still have no interest in polishing it. Not sure what I'll do but have to save it for the children. :idea: hey....wouldn't that be great punishment...young lady, you will polish the silver for that remark:lol:
  11. i used to work in the china dept at a dept store, so i love silver, crystal and china. i probably won't register for silver when i get married, but i would like to eventually have my mother's. i do want formal china though, which most of my friends think is silly...but i love it.
  12. the only solid silver utensils I have are these proper tea spoons and tea strainer. love them. place settings would be a lot of work to keep bright and shiny for me. they are very beautiful though!

    (as you can see, the strainer could use some polishing right now!)

  13. I registered for stainless flatware, china, crystal and everyday dishes. My mother gave me a set of silver flatware but I don't know if it was passed down to her or she picked it up at an antique store or in Canton, TX.
  14. That's a lovely set of tea spoons and strainer, perfect for serving shaay and Turkish coffee.:smile:
  15. My pattern is Tiffany & Co.'s "Wave Edge". It's a ornate pattern, but not overly so, and I love it. I have tons of serving pieces too. I probably end up using them more than I do the flatware, although I try to use it every few weeks too, that way it stays untarnished and gets a soft patina. Of course, I wash it all by hand - never use the dishwasher.