Silver Pens/Pencils

  1. Can you put the wee little silver pens/pencils in a Vision Agenda. The type with no pen loops? :shrugs:

    I MUST have a wee pencil!
  2. no clue on the pencils, but holy cow, that's a beauteous avatar -- is that vert jasmine?
  3. Holy Toledo! You found a picture!!!
  4. I swear.....she finds everything! Watering cans, special do-hickeys, flying horses without wings, scarves no-one else on the planet has......

    GF Yes you can put a wee pen/pencil inside the vision BUT it won't be a very good fit. You may have to find an H pen to tuck into that little beauty you have there.......
  5. um......and what, may I ask, is that stunning green croc Kelly doing in your avatar? hmmmmmmm????
  6. Isn't it just a gorgeous color? I'm glad she found it. At least we're not the only ones that have seen this color anymore.
  7. Would one of these fit?

  8. LOL - I am DETERMINED to get my hands on one of these beauties one day! Porosus Croc Vert Jasmine, 28 Kelly - *sigh*.......

    Yep, Rose - that's the pencil! I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to tuck it away in my Vision Agenda....not that I really mind, I love the agenda so much - I can just slip the pen/pencil into my purse.
  9. That way you can use the lovely pouch it came in:yahoo:
  10. Oh..tha'ts a gorgoeus pen!! Is it ballpoint or rollarball? How much is it?
    Oh shopping ban is already in trouble!
  11. Good Point! It's so sweet, you mind if I ask - how much was it, ballpark?
  12. Rose, wait -- make her 'fess up to where she got that pic before you spill!
  13. LOL - DQ trust me - if it were mine, EVRYONE would know about it. EVERYONE!! LOL!!

    I WILL get one, someday.....

    He, he, he.....
  14. It was around $100 or so. My DH got it for me for Christmas, so I am not sure of the exact price, but it's around that.
  15. Thanks :smile: