Silver or multicolor glitters...which should i get?

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  1. Would love your advice ladies...pros/cons of both? maybe i shouldn't even get a pair? =X
  2. Silver!!! But I'm biased since I'm looking for a pair of silvers myself...:P Most of my clothes are black, white, grey, and cool colored, and I think silver is the best choice for me. Plus silver goes well with black bags and clutches.
  3. Multicolor ;) I have one and I still get compliments whenever I wear it =) Also, I think it goes well with any outfit..
  4. Silver! I'm waiting for my pair right now - hopefully only a couple of days until they show up. I'm the same as Lily, I have a lot of black and white, and I prefer the look of the silver with those colors.
  5. Silver. I feel like they are more versatile.
  6. I have both and my first choice would be silver, they look like Cinderella's glass slipper. They can very easily be worn during the day with white jeans. Just let the shoes be the "leading lady" of the outfit.
  7. I love the multicolor! They are shoes right out of a fairy tale!
  8. Silver. They look a bit dressier and more grown-up than the multicolour.
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    I just got the multi color (in the mary jane style) and they're so fun. I dress them down though because it's a lot of shoe. I wore them Saturday and got tons of compliments!
  10. my vote is for the multicolor because i love the gold tip! also i tend to love my shoes to be the center of attention in my outfit and i think the multis are just more fun!
  11. I say it depends on your skin color.

    If you are paler the multi-color will wash you out, but the silver will look perfect... definitely Cinderella glass slipper.
    If you have warm, tan, or olive skin the multi color will look fabulous because of the gold.
  12. I love the multi ones....they just seem more attractive to me. I feel like the silver ones are just "too much in your face"
  13. I have the multi.. I'd choose that one again over the silver.
  14. Can you get both? If it's in the budget both are KILLER!!!!!!
  15. My Multi's literally just showed up and I LOVE THEM! So, I say Multi. The silvers are lovely, but a little disco-ball-ish to me and I just would look at them and not wear them.