Silver or Gold....???


Which one to keep?

  1. Silver

  2. Gold

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  1. I need everyone's opinion on this. I have both silver and gold speedy. I "think" I need to part with one, but don't know which. I used them equaly, and I really can't decide which one to keep. My SA said I should keep Gold, because (1)she thinks silver looks like tin foil (2) gold is rare (3)Gold goes with my Asian skin tone better.
    My co-workers think I should keep silver, because they think gold's too loud, and it's harder color to match with other things(clothing, shoes...etc) Ofcourse, my husband say "keep the one you like" or "if you like them both, keep them both", but I don't want to have 2 identical bags in my closet when there are so many other beautiful bags out there....

    Please help me decide which one to keep.....:hrmm:
  2. I personally like the silver better & silver metallic is HUGE this year, so I vote silver. And if you sell the gold you'll be able to buy possibly 2 bags!
    But if your wardrobe is mostly browns, tans & such like keep the gold.

    They're both fabulous bags, and if you give up one, someone will be VERY lucky!
  3. Tough decision --- if you really wanted to let go of one, I would suggest to let the silver go and keep the gold. Both are equally stunning, but the gold has a little more oomph to it!

    Perhaps you'll change your mind and keep both --- it is LE.

    Good luck!!
  4. Silver! Gold seems to be a fading trend
  5. That's a tough decision. I like them both. Well if you wear more gold jewelry pick the gold. Otherwise I wear alot of white gold and like the silver speedy.
  6. I disagree with those who love silver... Gold is never, ever out of style.
  7. I personally think silver compliments the Asian skintone makes my skin look too yellow :s. Gold is very classic, but silver IMO is more versatile...goes with ANYTHING...
  8. I say keep the silver, but it's really which one looks better on you :smile:
  9. Both are gorgeous, but I prefer silver
  10. Ugh this is hard. I have and LOVE both but I DID say keep the silver.
    I've noticed myself using the silver a lot more..also, I've seen more gold Miroirs than silver (I've seen a gold Speedy and Pap and a silver Speedy, not including my own).
  11. I like the silver.
  12. I like silver better...what color jewlery do you wear more?
  13. I say keep the gold! :smile:
  14. I would keep the silver one, but I'm baised!
  15. gold for sure!!