Silver or Gold?

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  1. So I am getting the Epi Bucket PM. The question now is what will look better, gold hardware or silver. Per the SA the gold is being discontinued and all Epi products will have the silver toned hardware. I know you all already knew that since you are the LV experts. There are still some with gold hardware lingering around though. Anyway..what do you think will look better on the black epi bucket PM. Silver or Gold? I am ordering this TODAY!!!! :wlae:
  2. I think silver will look better with black.
  3. I like gold...but since they are discontinuing the gold it would be dated. If you want a timeless piece I think you're safer to stick with silver.
  4. I like the silver hardware too. :smile:
  5. I prefer the gold but I would go with the color first, hot colors with gold and cold with silver hardware
  6. Another silver vote here...
  7. Gold will be timeless
  8. silver is nice with black, more modern, but gold is more classic
  9. I think the silver is very pretty with the black.
  10. GOLD GOLD GOLD!!!!! It makes the colour/fabric that it accompany's look so much richer. I love Gold!
  11. I always like silver with black (and gold with white). :smile:
  12. I prefer the gold.
  13. gold is much more classy.
  14. For the black Epi, I think silver looks better.
  15. Either looks good. Gold is more classic though.