Silver or Gold?

  1. I'm sure this question has popped up before, and I'm sorry to repeat it, but I have to know....

    Silver hardware or Gold hardware?

    I want a timeless tote. The older version (1750.00) only comes in gold hardware.

    The newer version (2495.00), comes in silver, but is a bit pricey for the same bag.

    I really love the older version, but I dont wear any gold.

    Has anyone purchased a different metal than what they normally wear and made a smooth transition?
  2. all but one of my chanels have got silver H and I usually wear 18K gold jewelery lol! :wlae:IMO I don't think that it matters so much it also depends on the outfits or shoes etc.Also as I noticed in the celebrity thread pix they are matching their bags with different colour jewelery !
    Timeless tote is a very beautiful bag and I really like it with G/H plus that there's a significant difference in price:yes:!
  3. It really depends on how you feel. I can't mix metals, I wear white gold so all my hardware is silver.
  4. i don't like to mix hardware and different jewelry colors perfectly, so i take that into consideration when i buy bags (i like black w/ silver, gold w/ brown), but i really think unless a bag has tons of hardware and you wear tons of jewelry (a la mr. t) in a different color, it really won't be very noticeable to mix metals...