silver or gold?

  1. which boyfriend ring color shÔuld I get 2mrw? gold or silver?
  2. Do you wear more gold or silver? Will you wear it with other rings/necklaces? I'd buy the color that will match with the rest of your jewelry.
  3. FYI, the gold is a brass base with gold plating. The silver is all silver, so it might be more durable and lasting. Keep that in mind if you're planning to wear it daily. Good Luck with your choice!
  4. I personally don't like the look of yellow gold, so I would go with silver. Too bad they didn't have white gold, then it would be right up my alley!
  5. well I wear both but I have an all silver coach bangle then also have the gold bangle with the colors on it! I'm leaning more towards the gold but if it looks real fake I will definitely get the silver!I hope my coach store has it cuz my store always has 2 order my items frm coach.
  6. Silver
  7. lol it's funny, I only wear white gold or silver jewelry but I prefer brass/gold on my Coach products!
  8. Silver.
  9. silver
  10. silver
  11. omg I went 2 the coach store & tried on the gold ring it lookd so fake like a wrapper with plastc gold around it!sorry coach! I order the silver thanks ladies!!!oh & they have a bracelet & I think necklace 2match!yipee!
  12. I couldn't order silver, cuz almost all my jewelry is gold, my wedding ring and birthstone are gold bands and I wear them everyday, so silver would never get worn! I loved the ring so I ordered it online, and ordered this too...

  13. I was gonna post this but since it was already done. Also beware that stuff that is gold plated sometimes wears IMHO, you'd be ALOT better w/the silver.

  14. and earrings.......they are so cute and tiny little studs~ and they also have hoops.
  15. I'm in LOVE with the silver but only 'cause I only use white gold or silver jewelry. That said, I also love the oyfriend bracelet...even if it only comes in yellow. Go with what you woukd get more use out of.