Silver or Gold hardware...


Do you prefer silver or gold hardware?

  1. Silver

  2. Gold

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  1. Just wondering, if you guys prefer the new silver hardware, esp. on the Epi bags or do you prefer the gold hardware?
  2. I love the gold hardware.
  3. i love the gold hardware, it's a very classic look =)
  4. Gold..I used to think I prefer silver but since it's getting harder to get gold hardware..I love gold one..
  5. I think the cooler epi colours ie. black, myrtille, green and lilac look great with silver hardware whereas the warmer colors ie., mandarin, red, and vanilla look better with gold...
  6. :yes: I agree, but will switch to just silver if it turns out not to oxidise or flake.
  7. GOLD!!!!!!

    I'm glad I decided on my red epi speedy just in time, cuz when I called 866vuitton, I got the last 1 w/ the gold hardware!! YES!!:yahoo:

    I was already just gonna buy the silver, because I liked the red speedy so much. But then when I learned there might be a few left in gold. That's when I called and they found me the last one. WHEW!! :sweatdrop:

    Silver is ok. But gold is so pretty, classic...btw...I only wear gold jewelry, etc. Sooooooo, just my preference I guess.

    Plus if I ever decide to add a lil cles/charm to my bag the hardware will match the pastilles, or a cles, etc.

    But....I've been bad lately (bought some groom items) and my red speedy...I'm done now...BOO HOO, no pastilles for me. Oh well....


    The new "cannelle" color in the Alma looks awesome w/ the silver!!! But ya as far as red goes.....GOLD! That Alma is definitely on my list!!!:yes:
  8. I would have to agree with you!!!!!!
  9. Definitely GOLD. I only wear gold jewelry and never wear anything silver at all. So if Louis Vuitton did away with gold hardware . . . I would have to do away with Louis Vuitton! :wtf:
  10. i agree with karman...all depends on the colors
  11. It depends on the color but for most of them, gold.
  12. Depends on the epi color but in general, I prefer gold.
  13. Generally I prefer silver to gold, but I think that LV should stick with gold. To me LV = gold hardware, also it makes it easier to mix and match lines when everything has the same metal.
  14. like you guys, i think it all depends on the color. i prefer the silver though and it will be great if it don't peel.
  15. I think that it depends on the color, but I prefer the look of the gold.