silver or gold hardware,white matte padlock

  1. Wow! It sure is different. I have to say I don't really care for it. Rather have the gold hardware myself.
  2. I personally prefer gold hardware..but when I saw the mousse w/ silver hardware, I fell in love right away:love:
  3. JMHO, but I don't like it...I don't really care for the gold either, though.:shrugs: Silver and black are my favorites, in that order and depending on which color the bag is. I almost ordered a pair of petrol flats from NAP, but noticed at the last minute that it had the white enamel C-buckle.:push: I do have to add that I've never seen it irl - maybe it just doesn't translate well online.
  4. i dont like the white padlock, i still prefer the gold or silver.
  5. hey everyone!

    I love the enamel locks! I think it looks so different!


    : )
  6. I prefer the silver locks!
  7. As cute as paddies are, I am unsure on this one, on the fence
  8. IMHO I do NOT like the enamel hardware. I think it looks cheap. The brass (gold) is lovely, followed by the silver. A lot of times it depends on the bag's color. I ordered a jade medium paddy from Nordstroms, and I should have it tomorrow. It has the silver hardware, but my Khaki medium from '05, has the original colored brass, which I am thinking probably looks better with the green tones. I am so nuts for Chloe though, that I bought the jade anyway. I don't think I will be buying the enamel though...although I should never say "never" when it comes to Chloe!:rolleyes: