SILVER or GOLD giant hardware - which is more classic ???

  1. I'm deciding on my very first Bal...

    I've narrowed it down to a choice between the Rtt and the Brief. I've also decided I want the Giant Hardware.

    However, I can't decide which colour hardware is more classic and versatile - the gold or silver ?

    What are you opinions ???

    Thanks heaps :heart:
  2. I think it is very important to decide what color bag you want before you can decide which GH is best. Gold looks better on some colors and Silver with others. In my opinion, I am more a silver person, and like more colors with GSH, in general, then the GGH. But it really depends.
  3. I agree with the above--the color of the leather is important. I'd also consider what jewelry you wear--gold or silver. That will help you narrow it down.
  4. SO SORRY - I forgot to say I'm definitely getting a black bag !:wacko:
  5. Hmmm...maybe silver then? I usually prefer GSH, though I hadn't thought of it in terms of classic or not. Since it's a little less blingy in my opinion, I'd generally equate GSH with being more classic than GGH.
  6. I personally prefer the GSH...
  7. I prefer the silver on the black esp in GHW.
  8. On black, silver GH for me.:tup:
  9. SGH on black for me!
  10. SGH on black, for sure! It's gorgeous.:tup:
  11. definitely the gold! i have it with the black and it just stands out so beautifully!
  12. I prefer silver GH on black... Look at my post to see the effect, I've just buyed a city giant SGH few days ago... I think black&silver is very rock! :tup:
  13. That a tough call!! Personally, I would go for the GGH on a larger black bag, but I also love the edginess of the silver!!
  14. on a black bag definitely GGH... it's just so classy!! and it looks unbelievable!!
  15. Gold!