Silver or Glod HW for white classic flap

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  1. I really want the small white flap for summer and the silver HW is so trendy. But I can't help thinking about the gold HW, it's so elegant.

    What do you think?
  2. white and silver looks the best!!
  3. i like white w/ silver.
  4. I like white and silver too!
  5. silver HW is the best!
  6. I saw a bag with a chain that looked silvery and gold, can't remember the style, think it was a flap with silver and gold chanel logos all over it. If you live in London ask Roberto for it, I saw it there about 3 weeks ago.
  7. PS it was white flap too.
  8. silver!!
  9. I'm into silver HW for sure....:smile:
  10. Silver!
  11. Silver~ They look really nice together!!!
  12. white and silver
  13. i have a white classic flap with silver and i absolutely adore it!
  14. I like the white with silver combo too!