Silver miroir

  1. what do you guys think looks best with the silver miroir? can you wear it with anything?
  2. Yes, the silver miroir can be worn with practically anything. I look the bag worn with matching accessories and shoes to bring out the silver color.
  3. yes i agree, someone (i cant remember who) had silver shoes on with the bag in a picture and it looked so good!
  4. I think it looks great with just about anything. I always wear jeans and think it looks especially good with white, black or blue tops. Any color looks good though.
  5. the best is wear black so that the miroir monogram bag can shine !!!
  6. Anything! Wear it girl!
  7. I think the silver color is the most versatile one out of the two Miroir Lockit colors. I've been able to wear everything with the silver, but I have to plan carefully when I wear my gold Lockit.
  8. I think it goes with lots of outfits but looks best with jeans, a white top and silver ballet flats.