Silver Miroir Heart Owners, how are you using yours?

  1. I am def. a silver/white gold/platinum/palladium kind of a gal so I waitlisted for the silver heart sight unseen. When I saw the first gold ones posted I knew that I may have made a mistake. When I got the call for my silver heart I went with a fellow TPFer who got the gold and again I questioned my decision. I got the silver any way because I didn't want to miss probably my only opportunity to own something from the miroir line. Well, now that I have the silver I just don't know what to do with her. She's beautiful and all but all my bags have gold hardware and I have a really big problem with mixing hardwares.

    So, those of you with silver hearts, do you have them on bags with gold hardware? Does it bother you? Any pictures you can post would be great!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. I know what you mean about mixing gold and silver hardware. I have done it though even though I cringed in the beginning. I put my MC heart (gold hardware) on my epi Myrtille Alma which has silver hardware. After a while, I did get used to the metals not matching.

    BUT --- now that I have a silver Miroir heart, I will be hanging it on my silver Miroir Lockit and all the other bags with silver hardware.

    I also bought the gold, so I can hang that on my gold Miroir Lockit and all the other bags with gold hardware. LOL

    Crazy. I probably didn't help you any! BTW, I use them for storing my bluetooth for my cell phone. I don't like leaving it attached to my ear all the time. I love the hearts just for this function alone!
  3. Ahhh, so I need to go out and buy me a new bag huh? LOL...I am sooo banned for a year or so. Darn. I sure hope I don't come across a killer LV with palladium hardware in the near future.

  4. LOL --- Of course I would say you need a new bag with palladium hardware! (We always need justifications for a new LV!) :nuts: Just think --- after your ban, you will definitely have the luscious heart for your new killer LV. At least for the time being, you have your gorgeous gris Mahina to comfort you. That is one HOT bag!
  5. I mix I'm not too bothered about the hardwear not matching
  6. Pursenut, you're funny. I am going to at least try to make it 6 months with no new bags, and you're right, Mahina is all I need.

    Claire, how are you using your two hearts?
  7. just really as charms I think I have a little change in the silver one, the silver one is on trevi the gold on miroir lockit so no matching hardwear on either

    the purses and bags are so hot I don't think anyone is looking at the hardwear
  8. I only got the Violette heart, but I'd definitely put the silver heart on bags with gold hardware.

  9. Good for you, rileygirl! The Fall/Winter show is around the corner and perhaps there will be that killer LV that will call out your name loud and clear just as the Mahina did and you'll be so glad you waited! :smile:
  10. Unfortunately if you ask me you'll have to "break" your ban (yet again) to get a bag with palladium hardware. I don't like to mix hardwares either. sorry not much help here.
  11. I have no idea...they called me for the silver but I turned it down cause i'd realllly rather have the gold one (STILL waiting for it).

    but either way i'd i'll wear anything with anything...if not then maybe as a change purse until you get a silver hardwear bag...what about a black epi lockit or speedy? does that have silver hardware??? lol...see me trying to get you a new bag in the process..

  12. I have the gold one and I'm waiting patiently (not really!) for the silver. I'm using mine inside my bags. I'm using one for coins and one for my nano headphones. I'm the strange one.......I don't use the hearts for bag charms....I just use them!! LOL
  13. Riley I had the exact same dilemma as you! I used to always prefer silver but lately I have been liking gold so although I WL for silver immediately, I forgot that the hardware on most LV bags is gold. I mixed today though - I put the silver heart on my cabby, which I think looked cute because the contrast against the black was dramatic enough and the hardware has a sort of tarnished look anyway. But I think it would be cute on your Mahina too! I sorta cringed mixing hardware at first too but I don't think it's a big deal. I think I like the heart better in silver and the cosmetic case better in gold so I personally think I made the right choice. I hope you think you did too!

    Oh yeah I bought the heart specifically to be used as a bag charm & house key holder.
  14. Thanks you guys! I know that if I think too much about this I'll find myself at LV looking for a bag with palladium hardware. Last year when I got the MC heart I went out and got a bag to wear her with (Baggy PM). That can't happen just yet. Today I wore Mahina with Pomme and I also put my Silver on my Perle Nimbus...not bad...I took some pics and will post and you guys can tell me what you all think.
  15. I don't like to mix the silver or gold toned hardware either. I'd originally purchased a gold and pomme d'amour but now want a silver heart to wear with my bags that have the brushed silver/palladium hardware. Hopefully, my SA will come through for me with a silver heart.

    If anyone is looking for a pomme d'amour heart, let me know as I was on the wait list for one at another store and my SA said that it should come in within the next few days. Since I already purchased one from another LV store, I don't need a second pomme d'amour heart. When the heart comes in, I can put you in contact with my SA so that you can purchase the heart directly from LV yourself.