Silver , Metallics?

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  1. I want to get a silver chloe paddington but I don't want it for only one season. Metallics and silver have been in style for a couple of seasons and I am afraid for the fall winter 06 it wont be in style already??? HELP, should i get it in silver or in a different color like light blue or ivory??
  2. I think a "subtle" metallic bag will always work. It's like the new neutral to me. If it's shiny, I'd pass since I think that will get old. Light blue to me, comes and goes so I wouldn't get that color... Ivory would just get dirty....

    If you're trying to find a neutral that will last forever, there's of course the same-old-same-old: black, chocolate brown, or tan. But I think a really nice metallic works too.
  3. Definitely. I think if it's a slight sheen or a not too bright metallic bag, you can use it any time really as long as your outfit matches it. those really metallic ones (bright and maybe mirror-ish) tend to go out of style then becomes in style again after so many years.
  4. IMHO - metallics are on their way (it may take a while) out. In an expensive bag, get a "forever" color.
  5. Really tough call.... I think certain bags will always look classic if the Metallic goes with the design of the bag. The metallic hobo I bought will have a harder time fizzling out because the color goes so well with the design. The spy bag (which I love more, btw) in metallic does not go with the bag organically(do i make sense?) I love the spy and that it is a metallic spy. At first glance, if I did not know of the spy bag, I think the cognac would go with the design better, not metallic, but now that I know the spy so well, I WANT A METALLIC spy. So there is a difference in whether the metallic goes with the bag as a bag in itself , or another color(metallic) of a hot bag.:wacko: I hope I make sense. That being said, I love the silver chloe, but as another color of a bag I own, not as a metallic bag and style in itself.