silver metallic lux ligne flap--pros and cons?

  1. I never felt the lux ligne (don't kill me, Swanky) but now I think I may have totally underestimated it. did that with the modern chain too and now I love it! but back to topic!
    I am looking for a silver or bronze metallic bag for dressy nights...what do you think of the lux ligne flap? also does this bag wear well? do you have other suggestion?
    I have three reissues so I am hoping to get another style vs another one of those...
  2. :love: no offense Sweets!

    I LOVE this bag, it's super duper comfy, but I worry about the metallics {metal colors} wearing over time.
  3. I do too...I was wondering if that has been the experience for those that made the plunge.
  4. metallic colors are only a passing fancy! I was obsessed with the bronze lux bowler and got over it thinking, this metallic trend isn't going to last no more than 2 seasons. i still love the bowler style though.
  5. I saw the bronze and dark silver lux flap and bowler and they both are TDF especially the bronze flap with the coppery chain strap, so gorgeous. Such muted metallics-really lovely. I disagree about metallics just being a fad, I really think metallics, especially like these understated ones, are the "new neutrals" very wearable.
  6. The silver flap is large enough for all your essentials, including a notebook. And it doesn'y contort out of shape when filled up.
  7. I have always loved the Luxe Ligne. I think you can't go wrong with the flap or the bowler. I posted a thread on my new dark silver bowler. The color is gorgeous on both the flap & the bowler. The pictures do not do the color justice. You should check it out Stac!
  8. ^^i just did and totally fell in love with it!! so pretty!
  9. I agree that these muted metallics seem very neutral. I ADORE the Lux Ligne flap in the bronze/khaki. There is a new one on VIPStyles new picture thread that is GORGEOUS!!!
  10. ^^thanks pink-- that looks fab! anyone know price?
  11. I agree that almost all of Chanel's metallics are in for the long haul.
    They're not at all overdone or blingy.
    The reason I thought the metallic may be a little more delicate is there's one on eBay that has a pristine interior but the outside edges are starting to wear she says. Maybe she was hard on it{?}
    If you'd only carry it once in a while, or not everyday and were relatively easy on it, I bet it's fine.