Silver metallic Diorama - small or med size?


Feb 15, 2019
Hello fellow Dior addicts,

I am completely in love with this silver perforated Diorama bag... It’s currently available in small or medium size. Which size should I go for? I originally wanted the clutch but they don’t have that in the silver anymore :sad: This is the original picture that started my Dior obsession many years back... I love the medium
size because it fits more stuff but the smaller size seems more versatile...


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Jan 20, 2012
Very beautiful bag mimimj...and it looks great on you! I really like this design from Dior and find it workable with most of my wardrobe as it can go casual or dressy. I used to be strictly Chanel when it comes to a front flap style bag but lately i've been loving the Dior's and Gucci's and find them to be a bit more exciting to wear to be honest. I'm also 5'1" and I too have the size you are wearing and it looks wonderful. My only issue because of my height is the WOC's as the straps are always a bit too long so I either have to have them shortened to my liking or wear them crossbody.


Jul 16, 2012
Here is a photo of me with the medium.. Does it look too big? I am 5’1 for reference.
It is such an amazing bag! I bought my size medium years ago when it was first released and it’s still one of my favourite bags! It has also worn well in my experience, despite what some others have reported with theirs.
I personally think a small would be perfect for you given your height. I’m 5’11 and the medium is a great size for me, but I think the small will look even better on you