Silver Metallic Birkin Anyone?

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  1. Wow, I had no idea they produced the Birkin in this color! And look at this gorgeous Brown Birkin w/Orange stitching? :nuts:
    silvrbirk.jpg brwnornge.jpg
  2. hmmm, not sure if i can pull off the silver one, but that brown birkin with the orange stitching is TDF!!!!! holy schmoly!!! give me some of that!!!
  3. i have friend that has a silver constance, it's beautiful!

    and that birkin is TDF! where can we get one????
  4. ^ I have that exact Birkin coming next year!!!! Orange lining, too!
  5. That is a sharp birkin in lining makes it even hotter!
  6. Lucky girl! That is one gorgeous bag!!! :flowers:
  7. yeah the brown with the orange lining.. perfect...
  8. I know - I can't wait, but I have to until late 2007........ugh!! (hoping it will arrive earlier!).
  9. Not too sure about the silver but that CHOCOLATE is fabby!

    GF, you are one lucky lady....yours with the orange lining is gonna be Gorgeous!!!!! Orange stitching too????
  10. yep - exactly like that one in the pic. 35, chocolate togo (I was told choc. only comes in togo, which was fine by me!) palladium h/w (that was tough, I love brown & gold, but went for pall), orange stitch detail, orange chevre lining. Due late 2007.............
  11. Love the brown not sure that I could pull off the silver. But I would luv to see the silver in person.

    Lucky you, GF on the brown -- hope that it comes pre-Halloween 2007 -- you could add the jack-o-lantern hanging tag and it would be smashing!!
  12. K! oooohhhhh im gonna cover my comp in drool, when you post pics [you better :biggrin:] LUCKY!

    Sus! thats a great idea! lol

    and the silver.. i heard HG has seen it in person [or was that someone else...]
  13. Th silver is not for me but I love the choco. one! GF is going to have an amazing Birkin when hers comes!!
    I saw this combo in chocolate or Cocoan chevre with orange stitching and it was stunning (on the arm of a lucky lady at my H.)
  14. hey Sus! That's SUCH a fab idea! I'm gonna get one of those pumpkin!!!!!!!!!
  15. I do not like the silver Birkin, too big and shiny. :blink:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Grands Fonds!!!< It is worth the wait!!!:love: That is a beautiful contrast!!!:heart: