Silver Makeup Clutch

  1. Hi all! I need your opinions, please! I posted this question on TFS also, so if you are a member there too, sorry to be redundant. I just want as many opinions as I can get :P

    I have a silver makeup clutch but hate to carry it without a strap. I've been searching and found an ipod case with a detachable chain that I can add to my clutch as a wrist strap. BUT, do you think it would make my clutch look FAKE because I added something to it thats not supposed to be there??

    Here are the pics...thanks!
    ipodcase.jpg silvergallery.JPG
  2. ooo the balenciaga is cute!
    how much?
  3. Hrm.. it certainly would make it unique. And I think the silver b clutch is adorable !
  4. Thanks ayla and fayden! The clutch retails for $495. I got it months ago and still haven't even used it yet :shame:
  5. That's a gorgeous clutch! If you will not use it without a strap then it makes sense to put the chain on. I, however, would use it like it is.
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