Silver Key Ring + Bag W/ Gold Handles?

  1. Does it look nice to attach a silver key ring even though my bag has gold handles? Or would it look a little too mis-matched. I really wanna buy the silver key ring that looks like a disco ball (sorry i dont know what its called). Help please!

    Personally I don't know if I like it or not, so comments would be appreciated :yes:
  2. I wouldn´t do it
  3. I wouldn't do it either... :s
  4. There is also the gold Disco Ball! It would look a lot better w/ it
  5. There's a gold one? I didn't know that. When I last went to the boutique all they showed me was the silver one.
  6. mate, put that disco ball bag charm down and slowly move away.....

  7. I wouldn´t do it