Silver Jumbo Flap from my SA *PIC*

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  1. My SA, Kiet from Chanel Houston had sent me the picture of a Silver Jumbo Flap at $2850. See if anyone is interested:

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  2. [​IMG]

    OH WOW so beautiful!!!
  3. she's so pretty!! thanks for posting :smile:
  4. is this lambskin??
  5. wow... how beautiful
  6. ^^ Yup it's lambskin. This is Robertson Exclusive light silver jumbo.
  7. Beautiful!! Thanks for posting.
  8. So beautiful!!!Thanks for sharing!
  9. So beautiful..Is the color very blingy?
  10. thanks for sharing!!
  11. thanks for sharing
  12. it's beautiful
  13. thanks for sharing!
  14. wow so pretty!!!:drool:.. thanks for posting
  15. from what season is this? i think i saw someone selling it on ebay in gold medium size...