Silver Jewellery Collection ~ Highlight of SS2007

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  1. Hermes has apparently released or is going to release many new silver jewellery this new season, so I thought to start a new thread to capture pictures of these beautiful pieces, document store inventory as well as obtain reviews about these jewellery.

    I'd like to start first by posting a picture of a H cuff that I am so in love with :drool: :drool: :drool:

    There are apparently alot of chunky bracelets and necklaces ..... Look forward to loads to pictures and reviews! :yes:
    Silver H Cuff.jpg
  2. WowEE I love that cuff too....what's it going for, I wonder?

    I will look forward to seing the new silver collection after this pic!
  3. mrssparkles, that a gooood looking bracelet :nuts:
  4. that's a beautiful cuff! will have to wait till after the pregnancy swelling goes down though - my ano cuff even barely fits me now! thanks mrss for the picture!
  5. OMG!! THat cuff is gorgeous!!:love: I LOOOVE H silver!!!
  6. I love Hermes silver jewelry! Can't wait to see what else they come out with! Hope they are in stores by mid-March. Would be nice timing for my trip to Hawaii!
  7. Gorgeous - I love this cuff. Hmmm...this board is bad bad bad!:heart:
  8. OMG! I love that cuff, I am going to have that one!
  9. Lovely cuff!!
  10. Here's some pics from the catalogue Iwas sent a few weeks back...I have ordered the chunky silver bracelet, second one the models wrist (the one without the fob).
    silver1.jpg silver2.jpg
  11. the gold CDC type cuff also comes in silver, I believe...I love it!
  12. :drool: LOVE that cuff, mrs S !- never seen it before. And GF-beea-yoo-ti-ful bracelet! I've been drooling over those pics myself, and hoping that gold cuff came in silver. :love: Any idea of the price?
  13. My local store has ordered only one piece of this chunky bracelet, GF.

  14. I am not sure if they have actually arrived at the H stores. Has anyone actually seen and touched this cuff? :drool:
  15. pazt, that was exactly what I thought when I saw the picture of this silver cutff >> it reminded me of the ano cuff.