Silver jersey flap - pics!

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  1. I finally got around to taking pics of the stuff I got in Dubai, including my first ever Chanel! I'm really happy with it, I know I drove the SAs crazy looking at it on three different evenings before I finally bought it, but I wanted to be sure it would look good with a variety of outfits. :shame:

    Anyway, I'm sure you all want to see pics, so:




    I really really love it, I'm so glad I got it. :biggrin:
  2. Wow, love the color! That's a great souvenir from Dubai, congratulations!
  3. It's really pretty. I think you can match it with everything! Congrats!
  4. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is Dubai a country?

    is it dangerous to live there?
  5. Thanks, guys.

    I actually went in to look for classic flaps in caviar or lambskin (I was hoping they might have a red-- crazy dreams!), and while I was browsing it caught my eye. I think that when you find a type of bag that you weren't quite looking for and you really love it anyway, it's definitely one for you.

    I tried it on with red, white and black outfits (those are really all the colors I wear), and it looked really well with all of them, so I think it will integrate into my wardrobe nicely. :biggrin:

    Dubai is a country, but I don't live there, I was just on vacation. I live in Ireland. I can't speak for the people who live there, of course, but I personally felt extremely safe while I was there; it's a wonderful place.
  6. wahooo congrats :smile:
    please post modellin pics :P
  7. I might post some tomorrow, I'm looking far too scruffy today to wear that lovely bag, never mind allow myself to stand in front of a camera. :biggrin:
  8. Very pretty bag - will look great in the evenings:tup:
  9. thank you

    i always want to visit Dubai!!!
    i have heard it is a beautiful place
    Women do not have to cover their face, they go to college if they want to......

  10. Cute bag ...Congrats!
  11. wow this color is so pretty! congrats
  12. Dubai has a very large ex-pat population from places like Ireland, England and Australia, so it's very Westernized compared to some countries in the Middle East.

    I'm not Muslim myself, so I can't claim to understand the religion, but while I was there I saw lots of ladies wearing many different styles of local/religious dress. And so many of them had fabulous purses! I had such a great time purse-spotting while I was over there.

    Plus they have one mall there which has the most amazing selection of stores. Chanel, Hermes, Prada, Manolos... all within two minutes walk of one another...! I drove my poor mum crazy in that place. :blush:
  13. Congrats! It looks like a fun little bag!
  14. thank you for explaining to me:P
    Are purses cheaper over there at all ( i don't know where to compare, maybe ireland, i live in the United States)?

  15. Beautiful bag! That color looks like it would go fab with jeans!
    Enjoy her!