Silver, Ivory & Black boobies @ BIN 299

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  1. I saw these, too, but I thought someone on here said any seller with moda in the name sells fakes. Does anyone know?
  2. I dont know if she sells fakes, but when I was inquiring about an Ink wallet she had on a while back she was insanely rude. But if these ARE real, I suggest someone grab that silver one! I have one in silver and its awesome.
  3. Hmm, I'm not making any accusations but could this be one of Monoco-babe/Paparazzi Girl's ID's? Cause one of her other ID's also has the same white boobie, also listed in Germany.

    I really like the silver, but if she's rude I'll pass.
  4. I have been mailing today with this seller and to me she was really nice.
    It was possible for me to come and visit and pick up my boobie.
    Iàm stil thinking over it I just bought a taupe/grey shoebag in belgium but i have to go over there and pic it up. Hopefully next week. This seller lives in Nuremberg Germany and it 6 ours driving from where i liveso i dodn`t know yet.
    U can give it a try for mailing i think she ok i dodn`t know if there are real???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    BYBY FX:heart:
  5. Yikes! I did a BIN on the silver..... should I complete the transaction? How can it tell if it's one of Monoco-babe/Paparazzi Girl's ID's?
  6. I don't know if that's one of her accts Lenabean! Just seemed similar to one of her other accts to me. You can refer here:

    She doesn't scam everyone, but she scams some people buy delaying things till you are no longer covered by Ebay and Paypal. Just pay with Paypal AND your credit card in case, and DO file claims asap if she doesn't get it sent out to you or sends you something else. She has a lot of IDs so you should maybe ask the person that started that thread if they know if that's one of her IDs.

  7. Now i am sure i am not going to bid on these poor baby`s:crybaby:
    This girl is a fraud
    Thanx Pewter for warning.

  8. Are we sure that its the same person? She only hs 2 negs from a long time ago and everyone seems happy with their items according to her pos. feedback. I personally wasnt happy with her rude emails when I asked questions, (I think she thought I was asking too many, which I was since it would be my first Bbag purchase on ebay), but I would hate for her to falsely have a bad rep if we mistake her for someone else. That wouldnt be right.
  9. Hey everyone....just an update. I did receive the silver boobie I purchased from this seller and it is authentic and gorgeous!!! :yahoo:

    The seller responded to my questions without any problems and the shipping was super quick.
  10. CONGRATS lenabean! I'm glad everything turned out great!
  11. Her name doesn't have " moda" in it (I'm one of those who say stay away from any site/seller with moda in the name)--it's "mode". :smile: