Silver Indy and Red Python Indy Availble at NM

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  1. My SA at NM thought I might be interested in these bags, but I am on a total purse ban! So, I am passing the information and pics along to you!

    The Silver Indy is $2590

    The Red Python Indy is $4990 (I am in love with this one):heart:

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!
    DSC00774.JPG DSC00775.JPG
  2. The red one looks hot!
  3. I tryed on black Indy again. its a sexy bag. Rockstar lol. but it is painfull!!!!!! You have to suffer for beauty with that one and carry a flask so you dont feel how painfull it is. Geez . I still want it
  4. the silver one is HOTT!
  5. they're both hot!