Silver Hardware

  1. I took a pic yesterday. My toddler daughter was with me so I was able to take only 1 pic..this is the black mini stam

  2. Violet Key Pouch with Nickel Hardware
    violet KP 012.JPG violet KP 014.JPG violet KP 041.JPG
  3. Do you happen to know the price and size of that? I can't find it anywhere.
  4. It's $225 - got it from the MJ store in Chicago.
    They're the same size as the quilted ones from last season (which went up to $295!)
    I have a few more pics of the inside just haven't added them yet
    It also comes in Tomato Red w/silver hardware and Light Tobacco w/gold hardware.

    Hers a pic
  5. Thanks JJ! I like the lilac but I'll definitely have to wait until it's on sale, seeing as how I don't even have any use for a key pouch lol
  6. here's the inside
    they changed the piece that attaches the keyring to the inside and added a small little pocket


    This is what I normally carry inside mine

  7. Unfortunately, if it's a boutique exclusive, they won't go on sale :sad::tdown:
    Maybe one of the department stores or private boutiques will get them (I wonder if Kiki has them?)

    What's so nice about these are that they're bigger than the original key pouches, so you could use them as accessory cases or even to carry cash & cards! They're the perfect size for smaller bags when you don't have room for a larger accessory case
  8. Lj: Thank you for the spy pic of the mini black stam with SH.
    JJ: That lilac key pouch is ADORABLE. Is there any paradise bags that have silver studs on them?

  9. I posted a few on the previous page - there's the grey Rio that has silver hardware. I'm guessing that there bags in this same violet and apple red color too (in fact, there's an Apple Red Rio on the MJ website too)
  10. i love how the violet key pouch has a separate pocket. that makes it a lot more functional! :smile:
  11. Thanks for additional pics & info, JJ! Hopefully it's not a boutique exclusive, otherwise my only hope is eBay.
  12. I'd love to see pics too! I caved and ordered the Little Stam in black with nickel from MJ's website today....
  13. Large Single -- Black with Silver Hardware :smile:



  14. :heart: ever single picture on the last page
  15. Any idea when will Neiman Marcus get Large Single Quilted bag with Silver Hardware. I have a gift card that I can use Online ONLY at NM. They hardly have any selection in Singles...Just Black, White n berry... with Gold hardware...

    Large size works better for me... Can anyone help?