Silver Hardware

  1. ^^^ Evil woman ;)
  2. I think he's slowly bringing back silver hardware. For resort, he did the Paradise Grey with silver hardware (just waiting for that to go on sale somewhere!:whistle:) and my SA told me that there were more bags with silver hardware planned for S/S.

    Years ago, almost all of MJs bags had silver hardware -- for a while, it was polished nickel (shiny) then it was brushed nickel (more matte or "smudged" looking). The year of the stam (2005) is when he slowly started weeding out the silver hardware and using gold exclusively.

    I prefer silver to gold -- especially on greys and blacks -- so I'm anxious to see what other bags come with silver hardware!

    BTW chabich, what color was the stam you saw?
    rio.jpg eugenie.JPG
  3. There's a grey and violet (?) Skinny Single with silver hardware too
    skinny.JPG skinny2.JPG
  4. According to the MJ website, the Black BENSON comes with both black and silver hardware -- there's also a grey with silver hardware
    benson.JPG benson2.JPG
  5. The Baxter in Coral, Bright Yellow and Grey
  6. The two that I saw were black and the blush with Nickel, which is shiny not matte. Both were beautiful!
  7. ugh! :tender: they're all so beautiful!! these pics are bringing a HUGEEEEEEEE smile to my face!! :greengrin:
  8. I'm loving the silver HW!! :love::love:
  9. I've seen the Grey Rio w/silver hardware and it's gorgeous! In fact, I've been tempted several times to just buy the darned thing, but I know as soon as I do, someone's either gonna have a sale or they'll get marked down!:p
  10. I have to come back to this thread and "stare" at the Baxter in bright yellow and the blue skinny single. :love:
    Thank you for the pics JJ.
  11. S/S Stam - pink with nickel hardware
    2012-01-29 17.11.36.jpg
  12. Beautiful pink stam!

    The blush with SH is really beautiful in person and the option to shorten or lengthen shoulder strap is a plus! I saw the mini stam in blush color with silver hardware at Nordstroms today and bought it! Well, they only had the display model. So had SA order a new bag for me. Hope to get it in 3 days! I will do a reveal as soon as I get it.
  13. Yes, be sure to post a pic in the Stam Lovers thread too.
  14. We can't wait to see it!! :graucho:
  15. Reveal - Marc Jacobs Mini Stam in Blush with Silver Hardware! My pictures can't do it justice, but here goes...
    026.JPG 028.JPG 029.JPG 038.JPG