Silver hardware?

  1. How impossible is it to find bags with silver hardware? I realize they are all early year bags, and that some colors are harder to find than others(aka Seafoam). However, stores don't have older bags that don't sell, right?:shrugs:

    So where do these bags go? (Of course I am speculating that B-bags don't sell LOL:nuts:)
  2. ^ I doubt you would find one with silver hardware at the retail level. Just consignment and eBay....or a friend who has gotten tired of hers. Yeah, right!!!
  3. Yeah, I was afraid of that...;)
  4. If you like the black & white striped damask bags they have silver hardware. You still might be able to find one.
  5. Good point, thanks for reminding me...
  6. Pony-hair B-bags also have silver hardware.
  7. The canvas w/leather trim & 2005 metallics have silver as well :smile:
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