Silver hardware with gold jewellery

  1. Hey Guys,

    i am in my yellow golden period and i wear a thin necklace with a butterfly charm, a thick golden bracelet and two golden rings. I am also thinking about getting a golden watch. I really really love the epi pochette and and would need the extender with it so it's alot of silver. How do you think that would look? I'm not really into buying second hand
  2. For me personally, I don't mix hardware, but I'm 50 and from a different generation than you. The most mix and match I tend to get is my two tone Gucci watch. I haven't purchased a red or black epi bag, which I would love, because of the silver issue. I just don't care for silver and don't wear it, and for me it would clash.

    That said, I think if you're young, you can get away with almost anything. I know a lot of people on the forum mix and match and look just gorgeous. It's just personal preference for me not to.
  3. I mix hardware colors all the time. I only wear white metals when it comes to jewelry, but my LV's have yellow metal. Personally, I think it looks fine to mix the colors.
  4. For me mixing hardware is a no-no.
  5. I don't mixe different "metals", that's why I don't buy more Epi bags. I regret very much, that the new collection of LV has only silver hardware. Most of my jewellry is golden, but I own also a few pieces in "white" gold or mixed yellow with white. If I wear my red Alma, I wear also these pieces. I can't mixe at all.
  6. I don't mix hardware either.
  7. I always mix and think that it looks great. Taking a note from home decor... I used to match everything (like metals) and then I noticed that the homes that look truly outstanding have a mix. I have noticed the same thing with style. When I pay attention to women that always look amazing, they rarely "match"....just one opinion! :smile:
  8. I can only wear white gold or platinum jewelry...anything with yellow color discolors my skin and I do not even look at the hardware on a bag. Most of my LV have gold and wear what your like
  9. I think its ok to not match jewelry with purse hardware. Its not ok though to wear a yellow gold piece of jewelry with a white/platinum piece - but I don't wear white after Labor Day either!
  10. LVDevotee is right on the money. Mix it baby. Just like interior decorating, the most appealing rooms use 3 wood finishes and 3 metals. Matchy-matchy is outy outy!
  11. I don't really think about it much I guess. Like others have said, I won't mix jewelry hardware metals, but for bags vs. jewelry, it does not bother me. It's personal preference though!
  12. I mix colours all the time too. All of my jewelry is silver/white gold, and obviously most of my LVs and my one Chanel has gold HW. I don't care about mixing; there's absolutely nothing wrong with it!
  13. IMHO mixing is more "in Style". :yes:
  14. My Wedding rings are Platinum, and my Bulgari 'right hand ring' is 18K white gold. I wear, usually, white and yellow gold combinations in my ear rings and neck chains.

    I thought I was the 'fussiest' person on the planet, but all my purses have yellow brass hardware and I think they look great!!